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Rangana Rest - Warakapola, Sri Lanka

Situated in the hill country and engulfed in a paradise of a healthy environment, with cool breeze lingering around, the “Rangana Rest” will no doubt extend an invitation to the visitor to revisit it again. Sitting in the hill station of Warakapola and welcoming the visitor to enjoy a peaceful holiday, Rangana Rest is full of pride to be registered as an “A” Grade Guest House under the wings of the prestigious Ceylon Tourist Board.

The awesome attraction of nature serves as a tranquilizer to the tired nerves of the visitor.  Besides, 57 KMs away is the Hill capital of Kandy, which speaks of the history of Sri Lanka, where the famous “Maligawa” which enshrines the Holy Tooth of Lord Buddha is situated. 22 KMs away from the hotel, one could catch a glimpse of the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.  A visitor cannot miss the eye catching sight of the baby elephants being nursed and petted.


Kandy City

Temple of the Tooth

60 KMs away from Warakapola is the hill capital of Kandy, The city established in the 15th century which was the last royal capital of Sri Lanka is a prominent tourist attraction. It speaks of the history of Sri Lanka and enshrines the Holy Tooth of Lord Buddha in the “Maligawa” known as the Temple of the Tooth   Buddhists around the world pay homage to this temple.  Kandy Perahera is the pageant of the Temple of the Tooth where Lord Buddha’s Tooth is taken in procession in a golden casket.  This is a most spectacular event where more than 50 elephants parade the city to the beat of drums, followed by dancers and chieftains.  Adjacent to the Maligawa are major Hindu shrines dedicated to Gods Vishnu, Natha and Goddess Paththini which also participate in the Perahera.  This is a good symbol of Sinhala Tamil ties.

Kandy, the awesome attraction of nature serves as a tranquilizer to the tired nerves of the visitor.   Kandy city is well known for its scenic beauty, cultural values and historical significance.  The city nestles between the mountain ridges of Hantana, Udawattakelle and Bahirawakanda and is bounded by the Mahaweli Ganga.  A chain of hills add more beauty to the Kandy city.  The lake at the centre of the city with a traditional artistic feature is attractive and keeps the environment cool.  The city of Kandy has so far protected the green environment and the Udawattakelle forest reservation with a collection of rare trees to highlight the biodiversity within this hill country.  Kandy which is surrounded by hills is a beauty and will make the visitor forget himself.

Kandy is synonymous with eye catching arts and crafts of Sri Lanka nurtured by the elite who lived in the Kandyan Kingdom.  These crafts survived even during the war with the Europeans.  A variety of handicrafts are available in Kandy and there are shops catering to the tourists.  A few kilometers away from Kandy are the Royal Botanical Gardens.  The 40 hectare land is a beautiful park with numerous tropical foliage, best in the island. This was a pleasure garden patronized by the Kandyan Queen.

Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

22 KMs away from the hotel, one could catch a glimpse of the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage which was set up by Department of Wildlife in 1975.  This orphanage was designed to care and protect elephants in the jungle without their mothers.  Elephants are orphaned for many reasons.  The causes are:  destruction and fragmentation of habitat, commencement of irrigation projects, developing of industries, hunting for tusks, encroachment of forests etc.  This orphanage is one of the largest centres of its kind in the world and one of the most successful captive breeding programs for Asian elephants.

The Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage offers a brilliant chance for victims of such situations as some of the main objectives of the orphanage are to give them a healthy life permitting natural social behaviour, good medical treatment and good food.  The animals are allowed to roam freely during the day and herd structure allowed to form.  Baby elephants are fed on milk in the morning and allowed to roam freely.  The elephants are made to walk to the Maha Oya for bathing and it is high fun to see the splash water on each other and play in the water.  The animals are fed, groomed and generally cared for by the staff. This elephant sanctuary not only entertains visitors as one of the top tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, but offers a safe haven to many elephants.  A visitor cannot miss the eye catching sight of how the elephants welcome visitors and entertain them.